Importance Of Proper Nutrition Essay

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Proper nutrition is an aspect of our daily life that should be a concern to everyone. We all require a proper diet because it gives us the energy to live a vibrant and an active life.1
It protects you from contracting infectious diseases. Proper nutrition also benefits your mind, as it nourishes the cells within the brain.
Just like an expensive car, your brain functions optimally when it is supplied with premium fuel. Therefore, eating foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, helps nourish the brain and protects it from oxidative stress.1
Nutrition and other facets of our daily interaction with the environment need to be taken into account as it ultimately affects our mental health and brain functions.1
Diet and mental Health
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Good bacteria will also influence the degree of inflammation throughout your body.2

Energy intake and mental health
The body needs energy for it to function well. The energy or the calorie content of a food that the body requires is derived from fats, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates found in foods and beverages that we consume.3
Although minerals and vitamins are vital for the body, they provide no energy. Our brains are metabolically active and approximately uses 20-30% of a person's energy intake when at rest.3
A person who does not eat sufficient amount of calories from food to meet their daily energy requirements will experience definite changes in their mental functioning. Skipping breakfast is associated with lower problem-solving abilities especially in slightly malnourished individuals.3
Energy deprivation and chronic hunger profoundly affect responsiveness. Due to energy deprivation, the body reacts by slowing down or shutting down of non-essential functions such as altering the body's activity levels, its ability to fight diseases, and hormonal levels that directly affect the brain
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The human body can produce several amino acids, but of these eight vital amino acid must be supplied in a diet. A high quality protein should contain the eight essential amino acid that are required by the body.4
Foods that are rich in protein include milk, meat and other dairy products. Protein intake can affect mental health and brain functioning.4
Fats and mental health
The consumption of dietary fats plays a vital role in regulating the brain function. Dietary fats are found in animal and plant foods. Butter, meat, margarine, regular fat dairy products, and plant oils are high in fats.5
Although several studies have documented the benefits of cholesterol-lowering diet for protecting the body against the risk of heart disease, some studies have suggested that reducing cholesterol and fats in the diet ma deplete brain serotonin levels.5
Clogging of arteries is a result of high concentration levels of cholesterol and fat in the body. Clogging of arteries impairs brain functioning by restricting blood flow to the brain. If blood flow to the brain is restricted a stroke occurs.5
Vitamins and mental

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