Unit 6 Business Plan

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Task 1 :

We will organise with the school a career evening event to be able to give possible ideas to the students as to what they may want to do in the future. We will have speakers that will talk about their work experience and what they do, to give the students an idea of a particular job. The event will also promote IB CP to inform them of the new programme as the students will see that BTEC students organised the event. It's important for ecolint to make their students think already of their future. In taking the IB DP or IB CP, it will give them options one of which is to go to university and the other is the possibility to learn while doing. The background research before starting the project was that we listened about the feedback from last year’s event and how it can be better. This year, year 11 students are obliged to attend. This will ensure that there is an audience for the speakers. There is a change in the venue because last year it was in the classroom but this year we thought about doing it in the aula that will make it easier to listen to all the speakers as they are in the same place.
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Project plan is essentially a work product resulting from subtasks in the make plan project management task, but can be revised during other project management activities. The planning is made up of a whole host of other activities, such as developing the project plan, resource planning, scope, scheduling, cost estimation and many

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