Importance Of Profuing An MBA

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Good afternoon Mr. Smith,
I am writing to you today because I am seeking your approval for tuition reimbursement for the Global Supply Chain Management course that I just complete as part of the curriculum for the University of Houston MBA program. As you may know my professional background had previously been entrenched in research science, and although I had some surface knowledge of business processes and practices, I was not well versed in the intricacies and interplays that exist in the business world. This was one of the primary reasons why I chose to pursue an MBA to begin with. As I became familiarized with the different aspects of, and sub-disciplines within, business, I began to target specific courses that I believed would provide me with two key needs. The first, an expanded understanding of the
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The case studies provided additional background on topics in supply chain, ranging from transportation logistics like in the Walmart China case, to complete overhaul of inventory management and delivery that we were introduced to in the VASA case. These cases forced me to examine solutions in a more feasible manner. As opposed to simply providing a hypothetical solution with no potential for real world implementation, we had to grapple with the problems in a manner where we could realistically come to a board of directors and present our recommendations. The Walmart China case was particularly interesting to me, as it presented a giant corporation with a logistical problem that could be resolved in different manners and carried different risks. Though risk mitigation and hedging are not epiphanic notions on their own, the idea of addressing these issues through optimization of the delivery and inventory management processes as opposed to hedging through investments

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