Why Is Hope Important

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It is well said by Orison Swett Marden that “There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.” Hope is a feeling that brings a sense of belonging as to what awaits the next day. Hope is a beautiful feeling that makes a person feel something, although their circumstances may not accomplish anything. It is hope that brings a sense of security and the belief that everything will be okay, not only to the one fighting, but also their loved ones watching the battle. I feel that this quote is significant to Pharmacy. It is astonishing how the advancement of modern medicine has helped people live a longer and healthier life in relief of misery.
There have been amazing discoveries
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Sometimes it was her back, and at other times it was her leg. She cried and prayed for her wellbeing, because the thought of my sister and I being left without a mother in a world of difficulties terrified her. After a few months passed, my father found out that my mother was diagnosed with bone cancer. The doctors had said that my mother would live a healthy life for most of up to five years, and after that her downfall would begin. Throughout those five years, not a single person could tell that my mother had cancer. However, looks can be deceiving. After a few months, my mother’s health began to deteriorate. She began to feel continuous severe pain. My father took care of my mother to the best of his ability. He took her for treatment from one hospital to another despite knowing that soon we would lose her. My mother left me at a young age, but she definitely has given me another reason to live. She guided me to choose pharmacy as a career where I can enjoy my work by guiding people to a healthier lifestyle. I want to live my dream as being the person that gives cure and hope for a healthy life. I want to recognize the hope I always saw in my mother’s eyes through her sickness and pass it onto my

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