Reflection On My Studying Attitude Survey

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I chose to administer the My Studying Attitude Survey to two academically diverse students. Both students live with both parents and are active in after school activities. The parents are college graduates. The first, Student A, is a fifteen year old, tenth grade student who has academic struggles due to difficulties with reading and language processing. She does not qualify for any assistance in school for reading support. During the school year, her grades range from A 's to D 's. She appears to be an engaged student although if she does not understand material she will not ask for help. The second student, Student B, a thirteen year old, eighth grade straight A student, is enrolled in an honors program. She developed language late and …show more content…
She earns all A 's and suggesting that she spend more time taking notes won 't change her attitude nor will it improve her grades. This honors straight A student would prefer to spend time with her friends and activities than doing school work, which is typical of a thirteen year old. Student B is an introvert and spending time at school may be challenging, even when she enjoys her friends and the learning. Student B also doesn 't have to put as much effort into school work. If she waits till the last minute to study material that she already knows will having her studying earlier improve her attitude toward learning? It will possibly make her more frustrated. I asked her if school was too easy and her answer was that sometimes it was. I also asked her if she had autonomy in determining when and where she went to school if that would change anything for her. Her response was that she wasn 't sure. I discovered that each student answered question four with different answers even though afterward both students stated the answer should have been the same. Student A answered “no” to the question “I seldom skip school or classes” meaning that she had was always at school and had good attendance. Student B read the question “yes, she seldom or never skipped classes” because she was always in school when she was supposed to be in school. I suspect the question caused difficulty due to Student A 's language processing. These two students may not be the only ones to have difficulties with question number

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