Importance Of My Learning Journey Of Art

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Art has always been a significant part throughout my life, it first started off as a hobby, but later on evolved professionally when my teachers saw potential in me. The learning journey of Art has helped me to nurture and recognise my artistic and aesthetic talents. Not only has it allowed me to develop skills and techniques in art such as painting and drawing it also, opened opportunities for me to appreciate the history and culture of the wider world. My Art teachers played a significant role in my development as they pushed me in reaching my potential this captured my admiration and has inspired me to become like them one day.In this essay I will be taking you step by step into my learning journey of art and will be considering a range …show more content…
Engaging children to be creative and imaginative allows them to focus their concentration this develops their fine motor skills as well their eye coordination (Eugster, 2016). During school I felt Art was the only subject I felt comfortable in as I was able to be myself. My art teacher gave us different materials and equipment to play with through painting, sketching, collaging and clay I was able to work through emotions and make decisions which I felt was right, this allowed me to express my ideas.During lessons my teacher would never give us set tasks or directions she would always say think outside the box, be as creative and imaginative as you want. This made me comfortable in having full control over materials and what to do with them. I built a sense of gratitude of knowledge over materials which resulted in new creations.Furthermore (Herr, 2001) also believed by engaging children to be creative and imaginative young children are learning social and language skills as they are interacting with their teacher and peers. It also allows children to learn about their likes and dislikes and also teaches them to share and respect property . She went on to say how creativity opens opportunity for children to express their emotions, fears and fustrations.This develops their learning as they are then able to make connections with their work allowing them to progress further. In addition to this (Duffy, 2006) also agreed with Herr as she believed by encouraging children to be creative and imaginative helps engage them and can therefore motivate them to want to know more as young children are naturally curious about their surroundings. Both (Herr 2001) and (Duffy 2006) points on children 's creativity and

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