Essay on Importance of Music in Society

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“A well-rounded education is simply too vital to our students’ success to let the teaching of the arts and humanities erode.” -Secretary Duncan
When thinking about the arts, including that of performing arts and music, we tend to glide over the subjects, and term it as a good “hobby,” and not something that can shape and mold a person into someone the community can benefit off of. Many have found these arts to be therapeutic, and a good way to escape from the temptations of doing wrong. In turn, the community itself has had an advantage. The streets are clear from loitering, theft, vandalism etc, and now are looking at a better community in which the individuals, who make up
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(Robin, 2012)This is a huge impact on the towns affected, and it’s all due to the importance of the Arts.
What better way to convey emotions than through body language such as dance, and through the words of a play?
With performing arts, being the number one class cut out of the school curriculum, it is important that the importance of the class and the benefits to the student and community are addressed. If it is agreed that Shakespeare, was one of the best writers of his age, and his sonnets are cherished by everyone alike, then why do we turn our heads when it comes to the visual display of his work and of those others? There is no right answer to this question, although it should make one think about why the importance of the performing arts are not included in the common knowledge of that of an average American. A study in 60 juvenile offenders, ages ranging from 13 to 17, show that, offenders who took dance, for more than 10 week, gained a sense of self confidence and self-worth. They also gained acceptance for things that might have angered them before, or things they disagreed with. (Sandra, 2006)
Music has always been an outlet for people to express who they are through sound, dating back to before (say date). Throughout time, music was a way for people to communicate, and a way for others to share the same hardships or victories, the person had experienced in life. A good example of this would be the beginning of

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