Importance Of Membership On Team

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Karishma Patel
Membership on Team This is a reality of some of teams at lower level in organization where team members are not aware about the goal and does not realize the importance of communication in the organization. This is a Team meeting where a new team member enters into the team meeting who has basically missed first two meetings. As soon as the meetings start scribe wanted team to discuss the agenda. The new team member interrupts and question about team purpose, that he/she is unaware about team purpose, and he/she question if they should proceed without understanding the team purpose. Team leader who is also unaware about the purpose agrees about discussing about purpose of meeting. After some discussion it becomes clear
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Why it is important to clarify a team’s purpose? Once the task is given, why is clarification necessary?
De Janasz emphasize that in order to win consistently team must have clear plan and intense motivation. One of the characteristic of high performing team is they have clear defined purpose or mission, and goals to make team member understand why the team has been formed and what is expected from the team. In this case, Team leader is unclear about the purpose or goal of the Team and it is 3rd meeting of the team, and still team member are trying to understand their purpose of being in this team. Purpose of the team becomes crucial in order to motivate and inspire team members to achieve goals of the team.
2. What role does this purpose play in defining membership? Why do you suppose others have excused themselves from the
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In case of absenteeism of the time keeper can really drag the meeting because team member are use to the time keeper telling them the time which could drag conversation really long; resulting in non productive conversation. Sometime timekeeper can also interrupt in productive conversation and ask tem member to shorten the issues of team goal which really needed to be discussed
5. If you were ask to participate in this meeting, what you would do to get the process back on tract.
First definitely the team needs defined purpose team. I would define clear expectation of the team and roles and responsibility of the individual in order to success the team. I would hold individual accountable for their responsibility. I would definitely communicate effectively to the team regarding team progress and feedback that we get from outside, any changes that have been made in group should definitely be communicated.
Many organizations attempting to tackle the issues or concerns on team bases compare to individual due to benefits of team. Not all team can be effective, for instance in this case where individuals in the group have no idea why they are getting together, purpose of the team. Team can be very efficient if goal is communicated properly; roles and responsibilities assigned are clear and

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