Personal Narrative: A Place In Los Alamos

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I think I’m a pretty easygoing and friendly person and I think living here in Los Alamos has made me that way. Growing up in a small town has given me a view that I couldn’t get from living in a big city. I live in Los Alamos New Mexico. One of the first things people notice when they get here is how dry the air is. Up here at 7,300 feet, there is virtually no humidity. We get a little bit when it rains but that doesn’t count. I was born and raised here and I like the dry air. When you breathe humid air, you’re breathing water. Breathing water is called drowning. So I stay up here. The next thing people notice is that there isn’t very much oxygen up here. My sister went to a Miranda Lambert concert in Albuquerque a few years ago and the first thing she said when she got on stage was “Y’all there’s no air here!” One advantage of growing up here is, when I do go down to sea level, I feel like a superhero. I feel fantastic, like I can run forever. Last September I went down to Washington D.C. for a martial arts …show more content…
Not Mayberry small but we’re still small. Once I was walking down the street and a couple pulled over and asked me for directions. They were from California here visiting family. They wanted to know where to go for some “night life.” I told them a few of our fast food places were open until midnight. I don’t think that’s exactly what they wanted. Los Alamos isn’t really a “night life” kind of town and neither am I. I find the idea of a loud, crowded, club very unappealing. I’d rather stay home and have a movie marathon with friends or go out back and stargaze. You really can’t stargaze in a big city. Big cities are always lit up. They’re so bright that you really can’t see the stars. I love to look up at the stars. When I was a kid, my dad would get out his old telescope and the two of us would go out and look up at the stars. When I got bored looking through the telescope we would look up and make up our own

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