Importance Of Living Together Before Marriage

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Does living together before marriage leads to divorce or make a healthy relationships? Numerous people accept the idea of living together before marriage serves to figure out if you are compatible with your accomplice before marriage while some rejects it. Perhaps, living together with a partner before marriage gives an idea of how he/she is in a real life. There is a vast difference between waking up every day together in the morning, smell stinky breath and simply dating. While dating, people tend to show only their best parts (e.g. just like when you go to store to buy a suit, you want to try on before you but it 's because you want to make sure it fits well). When a couple lives together, they have to perceive each other’s worst part daily and that helps to find out the true inside their partner. So, living together is a key to success.
People need to know how a person is handling his/her life from all aspects such as behavior, mental, financial and others before a person decides to get married with. Therefore, the relationship will not break-down later in the future. I agree that couples should live together before tying a knot, hence, they could begin to identify whether you’re compatible with your partner, one another on a closer, more personal level; furthermore, they can begin foreseeing the
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In fact, it takes the trouble off of the relationship and gives an opportunity for fiscal stability. Undoubtedly, living together is a superb compatibility tool to decide whether you can spend the rest of your life with a person or not because no one wants to have a miserable life. I believed, it is better to live together before marriage and see if this person is perfect mate or not than having an unhappy, loveless marriage and end up separating after few years. Living together does not always end up tying a knot but it gives opportunities to choose their soul

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