Lifelong Learning Is Necessary In Everyday Life

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Lifelong Learning
This essay will explain how lifelong learning is necessary in everyday life. This academic essay contains many reasons why lifelong learning is beneficial to society, and how it can be used in everyday life. Many people have taken lifelong learning into action, and have benefited from it in many different ways. This essay will explain what a lifelong learner is, and how to put the skills of being a lifelong learner into action.
There are many different definitions for a lifelong learner, but most would consider it to be somebody that learns from years of experience in life, or somebody that strives to learn what is beneficial in life. It is the understanding of interest-driven learning which occurs when people find and choose an interest of their own. This engagement continues over a long period of time and includes development and learning (Laginder). Many people do what their job requires and stop learning new skills. These people do not have any other skills at life besides the ones they have adapted. Others are striving to learn new skills and
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Being a lifelong learner has many benefits in itself, and the skills one can learn can be amazing. Society needs to open their minds and listen to elders about the benefits of lifelong learning. The older generation can teach society the benefits of being knowledgeable in the many different fields of work. Society is growing up in a field full of technology that only keeps improving. This technology is taking away the ability for people to think for themselves and learn how to do things by hand. Being a lifelong learner can benefit people by doing things the old fashioned way and can teach the younger generation a good work ethic. Technology is taking over, and doing things by hand is going extinct. Learning different fields of work can improve basic skills and decrease reliance on technology for basic

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