Importance Of Learning In High School

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The transition from Homeschool to West Point has been difficult. A new atmosphere, culture, and style of learning has been challenging and rewarding. Interestingly enough, I have noticed that many of my learning preferences have gone unchanged since high school. Although the Academy is drastically different than what I was accustomed to, I still learn best by visualizing, reading and writing, teaching myself and others, and studying alone.
I learn most effectively by applying and visualizing. Being able to see practical applications for concepts, formulas, and equations help me make sense of math. Whenever I am trying to learn something new, one of the first questions that I always ask is, “How does this apply to the real world?” Physical representations
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Normally, when studying for tests, I like to rewrite key notes in a single color on as few pages of completely white paper as possible. I have found that I study best by grouping similar ideas and drawing diagrams. Being able to look at a few sheets of paper, connect similar concepts, visualize equations, and put everything together has really helped me study. This is also why I gravitate towards writing in pen rather than in pencil and using printer, legal, or graphing paper instead of notebook paper; it simply makes notes more neat, organized and easier to …show more content…
In homeschool, I learned by teaching myself and teaching others. I was at my best when I had a book and the curiosity to learn something new. If I could figure out a problem on my own, there was no stopping me. With five years of experience in high school and collegiate debate, I knew how to research well. As a result, the internet was my limitless source of information. And when I could not find what I was looking for online, I could always find it in books. My parents had one rule: if I was going to read it, I could buy it. As a result, I taught myself to knit, crochet, buy and sell stocks, play the guitar, solve the rubix cube, play chess, and a variety of other random and obscure skills. On a more serious note, I was able to apply the same skills to learning trigonometry, constitutional law, and international politics. Another way I learned in high school was by preparing speeches and presentations. Preparing a verbal presentations helps me to internalize information. There is something about communicating information to others that helps me

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