Importance Of Jar Test

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Overall, our experiment shows a correct result which our graph of turbidity versus coagulant dose have the correct pattern as the true result. However there might be error occur that make our result not accurate.

The important of jar test.

By performing jar tests, we can try alternative treatment doses and strategies without altering the performance of the full-scale treatment plant and easily compare the results of several different chemical treatments for time of formation, floc size, settleability, and, perhaps, filtration characteristics.

Another important reason to perform jar testing is to save money. One of the common problems in water treatment is overfeeding or overdosing, especially with coagulants. This may not hurt the quality
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Among the 6 jars, the jar with coagulant volume of 30 ml has the low turbidity result compare to others. This showed that it is the most effective dose of coagulant that gives the least turbid results. The optimum dose of coagulant is 60.00 mg/l.


1. Technical error may occur if the equipement for example Jar test apparatus or turbidimeter are not well maintained or calibrated. This may cause error to the result of our experiment.

2. Error may occur if group member didnt shake the sample well before taking the water from the sample which may cause the residue suspended at the bottom and cause the wrong result.

3. Parallax error also might occur during the measure of the volume of the sample we needed, excessive or too less sample may affect the result.

4. Human error may occur; the accidently touching of the sample may affect the experimental result.

Safety Measure

* In environment lab we should be wearing lab coat all the time, because lab coat can prevent the dangerous chemical in the lab from direct contact with our cloths or
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We have determined the optimum dose of coagulant for specific water. In addition, we able to determine the turbidity of water using Nephelometric Method.

According to result of this experiment or the graph we have plotted, it showed that the most effective dose of coagulant that gives the least turbid results is 60.0 mg/l ( Jar No. 4 ).

Method to reduce error and improve method is we should pour the sample carefully and not to introduce air bubbles into the sample tube. This is because the air bubbles might affect the reading of turbidimeter. Furthermore, the coagulant should be added simultaneously in increasing amount into each of the beaker because they have to be stir at the same time to prevent unbalance stir in each beaker.

Purpose of testing jar test and turbidity is in water bodies such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs, high turbidity levels can reduce the amount of light reaching lower depths, which can inhibit growth of submerged aquatic plants and consequently affect species which are dependent on them, such as fish and shellfish. High turbidity levels can also affect the ability of fish gills to absorb dissolved oxygen. For many mangrove areas, high turbidity is needed to support certain species, such as to protect juvenile fish from

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