Importance Of Interview In Management

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In the first week we watched a video on how organizations have changed in their management practices over the years, as well as the definition of it. This is where it was shown that the emphasis on the employee and their happiness has become more prominent in how managers work. From my experience, this has shaped the way I have people manage others as well as done so myself. In Management, Kreitner defines leadership as “the process of inspiring, influencing, and guiding, others to participate in a common effort” (Kreitner, 394). Over time, the process of inspiring, influencing, and guiding has simply advanced and changed overtime to accommodate the changing platform of the companies and people that need to be managed. I have gained this understanding …show more content…
It has been interesting getting to know my new practice manager as well as the different style associated with the employee workflow. That is why I was very interested in the interview for the Management Interview experience. I wanted to see if what I had learned from my experience in managing people, as well as through school, would be backed up by her thoughts on the best way to take on the role of manager as well. By interviewing my current Practice Manager that I report to directly, I was able to get insight on not only her management style but some suggestions on my own as well. It became obvious to me that the main concept in learning how to be a successful manager was something I learned earlier on: Self-awareness is key. In my personal leadership style paper I mentioned the article Discovering Your Authentic Leadership by Bill George. This article made an impact on me because it humanized leadership. Not only do we need to study management and know the definitions and practices of it, but we also need to know ourselves and understand that there are numerous ways to be a successful leader. This concept was also learned through taking the personality assessment that worked to help me understand better my weaknesses and attributes when it comes to being a good manager. I need to work on innovation, not just managing day to day, but thinking in the future and how to better our processes and practices. This is something I learned from the personality test as well as while talking to my current

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