External Communication Analysis

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Internal communication is effective because it is crucial to the organization success. It affects the ability for managers to strategically engage their employees in achieving objectives. In this paper the purpose is to show how the organization can improve their internal communication with theories that will improve the organization practice. The organization communication theory will focus on the organization design, methodology and approach. An organization can benefits from internal by changing employees perceptions and practices. At an organization level the focus or communication is on the organization vision, mission, policies, new initiatives and the organization performance. Leaders who communicate with their employees
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Verbal communication involves words, both written and spoken. For example, writing an e-mail message and making a presentation are both considered verbal communication. Oral communication is limited to speaking. Nonverbal communication involves body language, gestures, symbols, and images (Snyder, 2014).
Internal communication is very important in today’s organization than in previous years. Much of this is because business and market conditions are more complex. The information in the marketplace is crucial and it is important that employees understand it. The development of a strategic internal communication strategy and its implementation can provide a number of benefits to organizations, such as keeping employees motivated and engaged, and sharing clear, consistent messages with employees in a timely manner (Black Enterprise, Clemons, pg. 46).
In an organization communication is one of the most central and important deeds in an organizations. Communications allow relationships to grow which helps the organization to function and survive. With effective communication the organization capabilities are developed and enacted through “intensely social and communicative processes” (Jones E.,
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This way of sharing information allow the organization to, discuss issues, solve problems and building consensus among its employees. To communicate internally effectively requires hard work in the organization, however the organization can put principles in place, which will be crucial to them communicating internally successfully to their employees. The channels of communicating internally such as:
• Face-to-face communication should be emphasized when the organization is especially to trying to resolve conflicts, crises, communicate major changes and celebrate accomplishments.
• Exceptional listening skills while communicating internally helps the organization to reduce errors and misunderstanding help uncover any problems within the organization, and facilitate relationship building.
In addition to an organization achieving its goals, they must focus on their internal communications should which will help in creating a culture that reflects effective communication. This type of culture with help employees at all level to communicate free, openly by sharing their ideas, opinions and suggestions. Employees understanding will be enhanced trust will be built, and diversity will be

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