Focus Group Analysis

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Scholarly Context
Communication has been generally defined as a transmission of signals through various channels that can be systematically interpreted through context (Clampitt, 2013). The term communication was derived from a latin word communis, which means ‘to make common’ and in that sense, communication is to make common of what one (sender) wants to message out to the other (receiver) (Frey, Botan & Kreps, 2000). It is an important, inevitable and unfortunately can be a complicated process. What may make sense to one person, may not make any sense to another. With that said, according to Hamilton (1987) a communication audit should be able to provide “decision-making information” (p. 3) which would allow improvements in the organization’s
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The purpose of doing the focus group first is to spark a discussion on the communication flow as well as observe the interpersonal interaction between the staff members and management. Randomly, three staff members and three management people will be brought out together to do the focus group. Booth (1988) has suggested that this is a useful tool in order to get information on behavior and attitudes. Though this is an old source, it is evident that focus groups have always been a good tool for audits. Until now, it has been effectively used in audits. Focus groups, though a proven useful tool, can be quite complicated, therefore there are certain preparations and precautions that would need to be taken. The focus group will take around 30 to 45 minutes. An appropriate time of availability for the focus group will be discussed. It will take place in a meeting room, in round table, seating arrangement will follow employee – software trainer or consultant – employee format. The focus group will, however, be recorded. The comfort of the participants is very important therefore, before the focus group is being recorded, a few minutes of rapport to get it started would be done, while some tea and biscuits are served. During the focus group, we, as mediators, would also have a template for note writing. This serves as a filter to get the necessary information for the audit. The recorded video of the focus group serves as a back up. The reason the focus group will take place before the survey is because it will serve as an observation as well as bring up very general topics about the firm’s communication flow in a relaxed manner. If the focus group takes place after the survey, it may cause some bias as the participant would think about their survey. In this survey, we can assess the use of certain communication channels, what works and what

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