2.1 Explain The Difference Between Inclusive Teaching And Learning

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Inclusive Education:
To start off, I will touch on inclusive education. We have children whom have special needs which can be internal or external reasons, for barriers to learning. Therefore inclusive education means that every single child and learner has the right and must be accepted into the main stream of education. This would also include elder learners whom have not completed their education and so wish to come back to school to learn and finish what they have or haven’t started. Inclusive education is to promote equal opportunities to each learner therefore the main focus should be aimed at the diverse needs of the learner population. Therefore the system of education has to be structured and function in such a way that it accommodates
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Special needs are caused by barriers namely: within the learner himself/herself; the curriculum; the learning centre; the system of education and the broader social, economic and political context (including environment). For a learner to make great progress one has to eliminate these problem barriers.
Barriers to Learning and development:
During a child’s development it is very vital for both parents and teachers to rate the child, check if he or she is normal in every way and to look for any physical or sensory impairment.
When the learner is a baby parents need to be sure that they are not delaying the learner’s development by not stimulating their babies to crawl, walk or learn to talk.
It is vital to be sure that a baby’s developmental stage is on point, otherwise if there is a delay in the child’s development it will show when the learner is in preschool, namely by means of a delay language and motor development and emotional problems will arise.
One can note if a child beginning school is ready for school: by means of whether they pay attention in class, if they can recognise different shapes and colours, if their language ability is good and if they are happy with being apart from their parents for a certain length of time each
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As a teacher, parent and school we need to take all the necessary actions to be sure that every single learner is treated equally and that the learners are catered for. It is essential that when discipline is needed that it is implemented but above everything we as teachers and parents need to encourage each and every single learner that we come into contact with. It is a case where you we need to remember and remind the learners that every single one of them is a good child or

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