Importance Of Humbleness

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The Candle of Humbleness
What does it mean to be humble? Some people believe that being humble is a weak characteristic. They believe that if you are humble you are shy and retreating and not able to stand up for yourself or your beliefs. This is just not true. To be a humble human being is challenging and few people are able to bask in the light of this candle. The world we live in encourages us to compete with each other and practice individuality and this is not conducive to humbleness. Although very few people achieve true humbleness it is nevertheless something that we should all strive for by practicing daily.
Being humble is a skill that you need to work on every day. You need to become aware of your ego and realize when you are beginning
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They come from the same city but are born to different parents. They go to the same school but one is privileged because her parents take an interest and encourage her to study. The other girl comes from a poor background and her parents are aggressive and not at all supportive of her. This girl wants to defeat the odds and not land up like her parents. She studies just as hard as the privileged girl and they apply to a more prestigious school. Both the girls are accepted but the poor girl soon realizes that because her parents don’t have money for the schools fees she cannot attend. She was just as smart as the other girl but she just didn’t have the same advantages.
We must always remember that someone out there is suffering because they didn’t have the same opportunities as us. That doesn’t make us more hard working or smarter than them but it should give us a lot to be grateful
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Remember that no one person is more important or special than another – no matter what their achievements. Think of yourself less and share what you have with other people. Learn to forgive others – this is a great way to practice being humble. Forgive people even when they don’t ask for your forgiveness or apologize to you. Always keep in mind that you need to be humble at all times, even when things are going well.
In a crisis management situation the ability to be humble can have a powerful impact on your ability to resolve problems. You will be able to think without ego interfering and come up with creative ideas. You will be able to listen to other people and work together; rather than believing you don’t need input because you know everything. And people will want to work with you, because they feel appreciated and not alienated. An arrogant crisis manager does not have any chance of

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