Role Of Humanity In Trapping

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Andrew Lidgett
Ms. Johnson
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10 May 2016
Is There Humanity in Trapping? When it comes to trapping, there are three different kinds of traps: live-capture restraining devices, killing devices, and body gripping traps. Live-capture restraining devices allow you the option of harvesting or releasing the animal in the trap. Killing devices cause almost instant death for the animal. The third trap that goes along with the killing devices includes conibears and other kinds of body gripping devices. These traps have the option to function as either a live-capture restraining device or a killing device. Snares are included in this group because they are used as a live-capture restraining device but often lead to the death of the
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Without trappers, mange and many other diseases would spread throughout the animal community, causing problems in the community 's health. Another disease that spreads rapidly from deer and members of the deer family is chronic waste disease (CWD). This is a slow progressing disease that permanently affects the health of the deer. Some animals appear healthy for many years before they start showing symptoms of this disease. Animals with diseases, such as rabies and CWD, usually have a shortened life span. “Chronic wasting disease or CWD is a transmissible infectious degenerative neurological disease that attacks the brain and neural tissue of mule deer, white tailed deer, and elk”(Capps). With the rabies virus, the average lifespan of the infected animal is usually between 10-14 days. “Wildlife overpopulation can lead to parasitism such as mange, as well as diseases such as rabies and distemper. As more and more animals crowd together, diseases often increase. Large die-offs due to disease are common under these circumstances. Some diseases and parasites, such as rabies and mange can affect people and pets”(Hunting and Trapping…). An animal with CWD has a lifespan of many years after getting the disease, often spreading it to more than one animal. This is just one of the many reasons why trapping sick animals can benefit other animals and why …show more content…
This happens when we build houses, schools, stores, and malls, or when we log and build roads. Every time people do this they destroy many animals’ natural habitats, and the animals that lost their habitat often die off. Whether they are conserving land or helping endangered species and habitats, many hunters know about this and want to give back to the animals that they took land from. “Think about the impact humans have had on wildlife. Before any humans occupied the North American continent, the laws of nature controlled wild animals. Humans changed that by taking the land to use for our own purposes”(Montana 's Hunters Ed…). What many hunters do not realize is that they help with conservation too. When a hunter goes to a gun store and buys a box of ammo, a gun, or even a hunting license or tag, he or she is helping conserve land. If someone buys any of those items listed above, the tax money goes straight to federal conservation programs to help waterfowl, endangered species, and habitats. Just through hunting licenses alone, hunters provide approximately 185 million dollars to conservation projects. But along with buying stuff to use in or during the hunt, there are other ways hunters and trappers contribute. Many hunters also help by paying through fees through memberships such as Pheasants Forever,

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