Personal Narrative: Help From Others

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Help From Others Most people would agree that the people around you have a great influence on your life. Luckily, I am blessed to have the best people by my side every day. Through my friends, family, coworkers, and peers, I am able to be the person I am today. Many interesting things have happened in my life, both positive and negative, and people are always there to help me. Having a good support system really helps me when experiencing the tough and fun parts of life. I love to be surrounded by good people because it makes me a better and well rounded person. With the support from people around me, I will succeed. Being supported is one of the best feelings someone could have especially from friends. They always help me with tough situations …show more content…
I can go to my mom with anything like in middle school when I had problems with my friends. I had met these three girl who were popular and gorgeous so when they asked me to hang out with them I felt really good about myself. Soon I began to realize that they were starting to hang without me and stopped inviting me to things. I would come home from school upset and my mom always knew. She helped me cheer up and told me what to do. I remember her telling me, “don’t let those girls drag you down. You are much better than them and can find plenty of other friends”. That was important because it helped me decide to hang out with new and better people. She was able to show me that I am a good person and shouldn’t be around bad people. My mom is my role model because she always knows what to say and how to help me. My mom helps me through lots of things and has shaped me into the girl I am …show more content…
When I’m not in the best mood, people at school seem to notice. Many have said, “you’re always a happy and smiley person, what’s wrong?”. That shows that my classmates know the kind of person I am and that’s special. Having peers in school who enjoy your company is a great feeling because it makes me feel included and worthy of other’s time. I also like it when people give me a smile or a nice comment in the halls. It makes the day go by much easier. I know that I’m not the only person who has tough days but with the peers around me, they make me feel better.
I fully believe that with the people around me, I will not succeed. My friends are always there for me when I need help with any situation. My mom knows exactly what to say when I need to hear it. My sister is like my best friend and i don’t know where I would be without her. My coworkers make sure I stay happy and cheerful. My peers at school know me for who I am and accept me. Being with all these people is the best thing I could ask for. They all influence me in a positive way and I hope I influence others positively as

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