Importance Of Happiness In Life

Happiness is a hard thing to come by and a goal most people try to achieve. They wander around searching for a purpose in life never imagining the world without their existence, but I 've learned that happiness is achieved not through riches or status but by making the best with the hand you 're dealt. To take it day-to-day and enjoying what little time we have on this beautiful earth. So I plan for tomorrow as if I was immortal and make the most of each minute I 'm given because knowing i gave it my best allows me to hold my head a little higher everyday.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”-Aristotle. For years I tackled the ideas of right and wrong and always treading on the past about what could have been. when
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Time is precious but understand that some things take take a little longer to come to fruition. I use to stress time and planned my activities accord-ingly which was stressful to maintain and harder when you couldn 't accomplish certain goals and deadlines. i was living life like a sloth while life was coming at me like a train at full speed, i would find myself stuck and frustrated. some days you just got lucky, like showing up to your favorite coffee shop and notice there was no line to make you late for work. Time management was the key component to having a clear mind. So i stopped cramming things that were beyond my capabilities to complete with certain time limits. sure i let a few people down here and there but i had to make time for myself . its the most valuable thing in the planet which to this day i try to speak of when i talk to people. A lot of my stress came from not knowing if id have enough time to do the things that i wanted and thats something i take very seriously. rushing things just made me not very pleasant to be around. Now make time for me and to be one with myself. it wasn 't easy. some of my biggest accomplishment came from putting in hard work, time and dedication. I strongly believe that patience is one of the best qualities found in people. so i say to those that think its taking to long, …show more content…
it seemed like the only way people could communicate with each other was by talking about other people. gossip how i hated it, It never made any sense to me why someone could bathe in the misery of another person. it came to a point where i would begin to distant myself from people to avoid the unfriendly noises. i figured being myself would have to ill effect on any person. at least the seem to work for one side of the coin, as much as i like to think i didn 't it really started to daunt on me what others thought about me. it was long before i got into the gruesome play of talking behind someones back. I felt disgusted shortly after, that i could stoop as low as to talk about someone without their acknowledging it. In a perfect world people would talk to to each other before going around spreading rumors. Truth hurts and i was victim of it that for second i started reconsidering my position in the matter. i cant think in terms, i always considered myself one of the good guys but maybe i was lying to myself then too. i know now that truth no matter in what form is better than hearing twisted words from another. Opinions are opinions and everyone has one, i didn 't care much, figured if you really wanted to know the truth about someone, spending time was the best way of doing it. i didn 't care for peoples thoughts of me, they

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