Why Is Hand Washing Important?

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1. Hand Washing
The concept of hand washing is significant to public health as it support the prevention and control of infections. A large number of infectious diseases outbreak has been controlled by campaigns that focused on hand washing. The transmission of infections from person to person and objects to persons can be prevented through hand washing. Since the introduction of hand washing by Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (1818-65) who documented the association between hand hygiene practices of clinicians and puerperal sepsis in women; hand washing was promulgated as an healthcare standard practice to avoid nosocomial infections in hospitals. Hand washing is also used to prevent transmission of infections in restaurants, industries and crèche
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This aid in mitigating the risks posed by infectious organism of Public Health significance, considering the high infectivity of the causative agent and the fact that no known vaccine or cure has been found to most of such diseases on the quarantine disease list. Isolation services are adopted for patient undergoing treatment services while for contact of index cases are Quarantined in other to monitor and ensure they are not with the disease or transmitting. Quarantine points are located at entry ports for the screening of persons, animal and livestock in from another country. Isolation and Quarantine are critical to the protection and assurance of National and Global Health Security

3. The Epidemiologic Triangle
The Epidemiologic Triangle help to understand the interaction between the causal components of the disease and how they interrelate to cause disease. An understanding of the triad indicates leverage points that can be used in addressing the public health issue for prevention, treatment and control. In addition, an assessment of the component of the epidemiologic triad and their interaction is vital to the design and development of appropriate, practical and effective public health interventions.

4. Hierarchy of
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This is determined in Public Health to estimate the risk of disease infection during a specified period usually the duration of disease outbreak. The attack rate aid in preparation and organizing for resources to support medical care delivery, vaccine production and/or medicines which would be required in an outbreak. A quantification of the materials required is based on the estimated number of victims expected during an epidemic – a value determined using the attack

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