Importance Of Grant Experience

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In September I accepted a position as the Mayor’s Chief of Staff at Green Bay City Hall. I worked this job until the middle of February. This was probably my favorite internship because I was assigned to do so many different tasks and assignments. I had done some things for the city where I could see the end result and things I did were brought in at a couple of city council meetings. Dr. David Helpap originally told me to apply for the internship at City Hall. He gave me the right information and I went in for an interview with Mayor Jim Schmitt and his Chief of Staff Andy Rosendahl. We sat down for a half hour or so and they offered me the position right on the spot. I worked at city hall two days a week and the first few days involved …show more content…
My job was to fill in the basics and then the rest would be hashed out by my boss and the parks and rec director. Knowing the EPA, it will take forever to hear back if the grant will be rewarded to us or not. I am pretty sure we will not hear back until this coming fall. I was very appreciative for the opportunity to get some experience in grant writing. It was not the most fun thing I have ever done, but now I can say I have had the experience doing it.
There was one more grant that I had a small part in that I hope the city also gets. The city wants to invest more money into the new stadium and the area around it. They want other small activities that can attract people to the stadium area. They had me look into what other stadiums have on the outside and I did not really come up with much. They were looking at some potential park equipment that children would enjoy, but I never heard back if they were going forward with that grant or now.
One of the biggest and more important things I did was help make some pretty significant budget decisions with some of the research I conducted. I did about two weeks’ worth of research on a project that presented to the City Council and the information I provided helped save the city lots of

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