Importance Of Good Health Essay

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For some people, being in good health means running a marathon. For others, it means being able to effortlessly tackle the office stairs.Good health means participating in a daily exercise regimen and eating well. Keeping your cholesterol and sugar numbers in check is an important factor. When you are heart healthy, the rest your body follows along.Believing you need to address the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life. When you achieve balance and harmony, you attain true health.Good health means being able to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you have eaten right, that you have been active and that I’ve been honest with yourself. These are the things within my control. My best healthy life means taking care of the things over which I have power.

Good health is not the number on the scale, although that is a warning sign that something is wrong. What’s important are the numbers on your cholesterol report, your blood pressure, and the percentage of body fat. Healthy eating and portion control are not all that’s needed; an active lifestyle, a sense of purpose or a reason to get up in the morning and take on the world, a positive outlook on life and inspiring people to do the same are true signs of good health.”

Good health is more than lack of disease. It is being my personal best physically, mentally, and
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When one thing is off, our health is out of balance. In order to have good health, we have to have proper nutrition, stay active and take the time to prepare yourself mentally take care of our body and emotions.Having good health means that I am feeling my absolute best, physically and mentally. I have found that eating well and continued exercise are the answers for most people.Good health is a reflection of body, mind and spirit. Through moderate and functional exercise, along with balanced nutrition the absence of disease can be

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