Essay: What Is The Importance Of Following Authority?

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The role of authority
This essay will be about the importance of following authority and why you should follow authority.People should follow authority because people need to be organized and they also make society better and safer.
The reason why people should follow authority is because so that you can show respect.If you follow authority then you will not get in trouble with law enforcements such as the police, FBI, and/or government officials.You will not get in trouble at school with the teachers and/or the principal.
People should follow authority because you should not follow their desires all the time because the desires might be bad but there are exceptions. For example when Juliet wanted Romeo instead of paris and that she defied
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If people follow authority then they have a good mental health because they have a good understanding of why they should obey authority if people do not have a reason to follow authority then they most probably will not follow authority because people need to think that it is legitimate to follow it. If an individual respects authority then they will understand that doing so will produce collective security in which everybody works together to provide security
When a person or an individual obeys authority then they promote social order. So what that means is that it will allow society to grow and flourish for example taxes will help to create social groups and fund government policies such as building roads schools and public

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