Utilitarian Approach To Medicine Essay

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Philosophical ethical approaches to medicine have proved to be important in the use of patents in medicine. First, by applying a utilitarian approach to medicine and health care, patents become inherently beneficial to all. To improve the utility and quality of life for all beings is the grand strategy in society. This approach doesn't account much into the individual aspects of patents, but instead focuses on helping society overall. To improve the utility of society as a whole is more important therefore it is okay to sacrifice certain principles. From this understanding, patents seem reasonable because the research that is done helps society more than it would if there were no patents. Secondly, utilitarian approach can also be applied to research in patents. Patents help increase innovation in research and design. This research provides more utilitarian ways to …show more content…
As researchers find ingenuity in their research they will try to find the cheapest alternatives to medicine so that it's available to everyone. This allows everyone, regardless of identity, to have access to resources that help society as a whole. Utilitarian approach to medicine allows more research geared towards helping all of society rather than a few privileged individuals. In challenging the utilitarian approach, many argue for a welfarist deontological approach to patents. This approach looks at principles in themselves rather than the consequences. Welfarist approach tries to understand the ethics of actions in themselves. Because there are real humans and animals involved in ethics its important to understand the impact it might on individual lives rather than the universal good. First, here it's important to discuss the relevance of patents on animals. Animals are sentient beings, meaning that the feel pain, not relative to the pain that humans might face but pain in general. This is

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