The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

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Emotional Intelligence can help our self and others at work and in Personal life

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is capacity to recognize the impact of our own emotions upon our behavior and to be aware of the emotions of others around us.
When we feel that we have great qualifications and experiences but just cannot work with others or guide others towards a goal that is my lacking emotional intelligence. Low levels of EI will poison the workplace and contribute quickly to our demise.
Emotional Competence is a learned capacity that contributes to effective performance in all aspects of life.

In our work place ,If we can recognize what are my strengths ,weakness and opportunities where related
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The top level they consider about company self-awareness process such as behavioral assessment(strength finder ,(Myers Briggs) ,employee self-discovery workshop, and share information for self-awareness( mindfulness books, videos) are helping our work place to discover our talents, strengths and passions.
The situation where we can manage our self and take responsibility to make changes for success when need full can define as self-management.
When we able to plan our daily tasks and duties as per time management, also able to avoid mistakes and ability to manage the stress full situation will became as a more productive employee at our work place.
As a productive employee we able to efficiently communicate with co-workers, top level and customers, which value of clearly and timely delivered information.
When problem occurs able to handle, such as analyze, review and take right decision even in the toughest situation would be shown our problem solving
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Very often conflicts, disagreements, arguments and misunderstanding are happening with family members and friends in personal life. There is impossible that we have same opinion, wish, needs and expectation one to another at all time. Also people are different they have different picture of anything in their mind.
When we face such a situation we need to understand our emotions very clearly such as anger ,sadness, fear, joy, then try to control them in order to manage the stress .This allows us to communicate more effectively and stronger relationship.
To resolving conflict or any misunderstanding at first we need to listen to others what they try to express to us without interrupting them. After that slowly and very clearly we should express how we will help us to keep healthy family bond which create strengthen trust between people.
Meditation, Yoga, listing to music, reading good books can help to develop our emotional intelligences in personal life. Also need to arrange the family parties, trips, get to gather, going out for dinner, movie at least once a month which creates more bond with family members, and minimize the misunderstandings in this very busy

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