Family Communication Case Study

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2.8. The outcome of miss-understanding of contents of family communication
As repeatedly mentioned family is the small unit of a society and the foundation of the society. There are related contents of communication among family members from different cultural groups, like spousal relationship, parenting issues, cultural and intercultural difference, ways of communication and its barriers, cultural diversity and similarity, ethnography and demography, geography, personal attitude and perception, misunderstanding of family communication among family of both cultural groups. If communication among family is without content this difference create problem among family members. The following are few outcomes of lack of contents family communication
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Managing the problems of family communication
Many ways help to manage the problems among different ethnic group. Some of the ways are; developing skills of family communication among varied ethnic families, positive perception and attitude among family (Shaffer, 2005), understand the value of each ethnic group and cultural and language difference and Coping with challenges. Overcoming the problem that occurs among family members of different cultural groups is a significant ways of solving family communication problems (kraft, 1996). According to,(Benokraitis, 2014) there are mechanisms of managing conflict among families and other units. Some of the mechanisms are like accommodation, collaboration, compromising, forcing and avoiding. These mechanisms help to managing family communication problems among families from different cultural
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The first role of family is having a good communication among family members. There are various roles and responsibility of family members to forms an interactive communication. These interactive communications provide physical, mental, emotional, social and social well-being of its members. The role of family communication among families from different cultural groups is not only among husband and wife but for each of the family members. According to, (Parnell 2004), the family role also provides a number of functions for society. Because the process of family communication among families from different cultural groups or the same is receiving message, sharing or conveying ideas and feeling, increase respect and less friction among the family members. The role of family communication is prominently important in the life families. The role of family communication among family members takes place for the sake of having smooth and mutual understanding among family members. If family members loss their role of communication dissatisfaction could be occurred among family members. To enhancing the social well being of families, especially for those families from different culture adapting and experiencing role of family communication very

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