Effective Assessment Methods Essay

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There are many different effective assessment methods that teachers utilize to meet the needs of every student in the classroom. This week’s Learning Resources emphasized the importance of different type of assessments, interventions, and the inquiry stance. As educators, we must understand that students possess different learning styles; therefore, we must provide different type of assessments to help them meet their needs and be successful in the classroom. Personally, I have achieved success with my colleagues in establishing an effective professional learning community in school because now I am collaborating more with them by sharing ideas, resources, and teaching strategies. I feel that our learning community is getting better every day because I have been observing more teachers …show more content…
In addition, we emphasized that these type of assessments need to be utilized to ensure the needs of the students are met. We all agreed that these assessments need to be utilized to help students learn new concepts well and provide opportunities for students to achieve success. In addition, we also discussed that both type of assessment are very powerful depending in the need of the specific student. I emphasized that both type of assessments are very crucial for the academic achievement of the students. For this reason, both assessments must be implemented in the classroom in order enhance student learning and lead them to success. One of my school-based team members preferred to utilize more individualized assessments in his classroom because it provides more choices to students. I agreed with him, but I preferred to utilize common assessments because we create these assessments in our learning community. I prefer common assessments because we get together as a team to create all these assessments and make adjustments if

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