Importance Of Education In Africa

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“Education is the key to success” Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “ everyone has the right to education” (UN). Is education the solution to Africa’s poverty? Several studies have linked lack of education as being one of the reasons for under -development in Africa. My essay is going to explore this notion and also other core issues that I felt were imperative for the development of Africa. The other matters I look into are Poor governance, Civil war and conflict, HIV/ AIDS. These issues once solved can be the foundation for success. It will make the process of educating Africa easier. We cannot educate without the necessary foundation.

The World Bank Group’s mission is to free the world from poverty.In 2011 17 percent of the population in developing nations lived at or even below $1.25 a day. Some progress has been made, but 2.2 billion people still live on less than $2 a day. Education for all global report found that for every additional year of schooling the annual GDP increases by 0.37 percent. Unesco also found that one extra year of schooling can have a positive impact on an individual earning by 10 percent. Not only does education help promote gender equality, it reduces poverty and fosters peace. Many reports suggest that an education can help
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HIV epidemic causes low life expectancy. This could heavily affect households, e.g., if the breadwinner of the family falls sick, it will stop income coming into the family. Furthermore, other family member might stop working in order to care for the patient. In most cases, children get removed from school to work and help with care. This again profoundly impacts on Africa’s economy. Health sector suffers a lot due to lack of funds and resources. Education has heavily been affected by the epidemic. Many children lose their parents and therefore cannot afford to continue with

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