Benefits Of Dogs In Human Life

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Dogs have always been by a human’s side since the beginning of time. They have always been loyal companions. Dogs and many other animals can be more than just companions though; they can be extremely beneficial to society. They can completely flip a person’s life around in a very positive way like improving a person’s physical health and emotional health. Dogs can also help in situations with very serious dilemmas. They can help police officers locate bombs, drugs, and living humans. They make it their job to please their owner and won’t stop working until their owner is pleased. The articles, “Canines to the Rescue,” by Jonah Goldberg, “Therapy Dogs: Helping Improve Lives of People with Mental Illness,” by the APA (American Psychiatric …show more content…
Many dogs risk their life in the process of finding humans that are trapped or that in in very serious dilemas. Dogs can even die when trying to save a human. They would risk their life for another person whom they don’t even know. Not even a police officer or firefighter would take that kind of risk. When a problem seems to have no solution, humans give up. But, dogs never stop searching for a solution or for a way to help out until they find what they are looking for. Dogs dedicate most of their life helping out humans and making sure that we are safe. The article, “Canines to the Rescue,” by Jonah Goldberg, proves that dogs are very beneficial to society. The author actually experienced the dedication of dogs with his own eyes. He saw how much the dogs wanted to and needed to find humans in 2001 after the attack in New York. The text states, “Dogs repeatedly had to limp out of the wreckage on bloody paws, the razor-edged debris slicing through even the leather boots distributed to some of them”(“Canines to the Rescue”). Dogs are always putting themselves in danger to help humans with their duties. The dogs don’t have to help, they chose to help. The dogs limped out of the remains of the Twin Towers with blood dripping down their legs and drowned their paws in their own blood. Glass shards would be stuck in their legs and would force police officers to carry them out of the scene. The dogs in that sight risked their lives to try and find any survivors, even though there was little to no likely chance to finding any survivors. Another example is when a dog, Servus, was searching for more survivors at Ground Zero. With all of the dust, smoke, and remains of the buildings, it was hard to see or even breathe. But, Servus kept looking for survivors. In the happenings of that, Servus fell down a hole in the ground. The text states, “While searching for

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