Case Study: Pawpals Project Duties

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Chapter Five Progress Notes/PawPals Project Duties:
Social workers’ perception of community can have complex meanings and are not all the same. For instance, our project: PawPals addresses two needs in the community: the use of therapy dogs to alleviate mental distress and support the need of homeless youth.
• (Schyler and Leigh will begin composing a proposal to Covenant House of GA, which will allow therapy dogs on site to engage with homeless youth).
Authors: Netting, Kettner, McMurtry, & Thomas (2012) state, “one of the big issues we confront in this chapter is weather social workers are best served by looking at communities as places where people’s interests are linked by geographic closeness” (p.117).
• For our project, we will be looking
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Social: interaction between homeless youth and therapy assisted dogs. Political: Covenant House staff/ and owners of therapy dogs agreeing to project plan.)
*Establishment of a community depicts an identify that can move toward the process of social change. *
• (Our project is shaped around the idea of improving mental health (trauma) for homeless youth. Having animal (dogs) assisted therapy has been effective in improving overall mental health, especially individuals that have experienced trauma.)
Netting, Kettner, McMurtry & Thomas (2012) state, “People are assumed to need some form of social outlet, and communities provide opportunities for people to express this need and to build natural helping and support networks” (p. 123).
• (Our project understands that homeless youth need outlets. Having animal (dogs) assisted therapy will help build a support network. Alexandria has started the research process of why animal (dogs) assisted therapy is vital for our research

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