Importance Of Discovery Through Natural Ways

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Discovery through Natural Ways
Humans have a desire to improve. While some individuals view improvement through the accumulation of material items, many look internally for improvement. WIth the structure of modern society, it provides natural opportunities for people to change themselves for the better. One of these opportunities is college.
College has always been seen as the place where individuals develop into who they will be the rest of their life. Therefore, it they don’t approve of themselves, college serves as a fresh start. With this organic situation presented to me, I took advantage of it. Coming from high school, I was in a state of limbo.Unsure of what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be, I sought discover myself.
Through the
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We discussed the challenges we faced physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With this conversation, I heard of experiences from the day that varied so much, it may make you believe they were on a different trip. I heard people say that they had no issue with the weather, while so of the individuals had some fear for their safety. While even though their experiences varied so much, everyone stated that they grew as an individual from the trip.
At this moment, I realized the power that the outdoors can have on a person. The outdoors create an environment that is conducive for growth and learning for all that come. There are few places that such a statement could be true. Even from this one trip, I saw myself discover life long friends, learn about myself, and potential the outdoors had to offer. From this trip, it planted the seed inside of me to share the power of the outdoors with
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This time though, I no longer have to worry about what I want to do with my life or who I am. For my experiences in undergraduate, I desire to continue to share the benefits that the outdoors can have. And specifically with college students, this time is pivotal in their life. With decisions that will impact the rest of their lives, college can determine what and what you will be doing the rest of your life. So before they decide what they want to do, without knowing who they are, I want to help college students discover themselves to discover their

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