Importance Of Customer Focus On Developing Digital Marketing Plan

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1.0 Assess the importance of customer focus in developing digital marketing plans
Why are customers central to the creation of a digital marketing plan?
A company has to have the right strategy before implementing any digital marketing plans, otherwise they will waste resources. The key is to develop an understanding of their customers, they have to identify which goals they want to achieve. Companies need to focus on selecting a digital marketing strategy that will help them to reach both their target audience and goals. Some customer focused digital marketing goals are outlined below:
• Acquisition of new customers
• Gaining insight into your current customer base
• Launch of a new product or service
In short, Companies that have a better understanding of their customer’s interests, motivations and above all knows what makes them valuable and which activities draw them in, will be able to successfully develop a strong digital marketing plan which will have a direct impact on their bottom line and achieving their desired digital goals.
Increase of customer power in today’s business environment
Customer power has increased rapidly as technology has evolved over the years. Organisations have many different customers who hold a diverse set of potential powers over a particular company or industry. For this reason they have to adapt their digital marketing plan in order to fully handle the different types of customers. Consideration should also be given to their unique…

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