Personal Narrative: A Career As A Volleyball Coach

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Having played sports since I was 4 years old, I have come into contact with a variety of coaches. Some of my coaches I loved, and some made it hard for me to make it all the way through a season. Each of my coaches had their different styles, and ways of passing off their knowledge to us players. This being said, it is not easy for me to choose which coach was my favorite. However, there is one coach that sticks out in my mind, and it is not because of her amazing knowledge of the sports, but because of how she interacted with us. My high school volleyball coach, who also happened to be my gym teacher and our athletic director, started coaching my team when I was a Sophomore, my second year on varsity. There were many reasons I liked her as a coach. Some of the main reasons include her ability to relate to us on a personal level and be more like a friend than a coach. Second, the tactics she used to show us exactly what we needed to change to become the best that we could be, and lastly; her ability to make the game not all about winning, but about doing your best and having fun.
When I started my sophomore year of
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Some of my best memories from high school are moments on her court working hard to become a great player. She was incredibly friendly and trustworthy, and we always knew how much she cared. This coach always told us exactly what to change, not just that we needed to do better, and she knew exactly how to keep the game fun. As a coach she was also incredibly motivational, especially during pre-game huddles, and during time-outs. Even when we did lose a game, or even just a set, we knew that she was going to show her unwavering support for us, and do her very best to help us keep our heads high, and work extra hard to win the next game. I hope that one day I can model her supportive, fun first yet successful coaching philosophy, and give my players the same great experience she gave

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