Importance Of Coach In Volleyball

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Having played sports since I was 4 years old, I have come into contact with a variety of coaches. Some of my coaches I loved, and some made it hard for me to make it all the way through a season. Each of my coaches had their different styles, and ways of passing off their knowledge to us players. This being said, it is not easy for me to choose which coach was my favorite. However, there is one coach that sticks out in my mind, and it is not because of her amazing knowledge of the sports, but because of how she interacted with us. My high school volleyball coach, who also happened to be my gym teacher and our athletic director, started coaching my team when I was a Sophomore, my second year on varsity. There were many reasons I liked her as …show more content…
Another distinct quality our volleyball coach had was the ability to unite us as a team. She always taught us the importance of the off-court relationships with our teammates, and how that affected us on the court. All through pre-season she emphasized the importance of having fun while playing the game. However, she also knew that being successful was a big part of having fun. So although she always gave every player their fair chance, and made practices enjoyable for everyone, she pushed us to be our best, refined our skills, and put her best players on the court when the time came. This led to a very successful season, and although not everyone got equal playing time, everyone knew that she cared just as much as the players on the bench as she did the ones on the court. As a coach she never said things like “if you’re not first you’re last” or “if winning isn’t everything then what are you here for?” like coaches in the past had. However she still understood that as a team we would have more fun being a winning team that worked hard, rather than a losing team who goofed off all through practices and gave all players equal playing time. She was always incredibly supportive to those players who did spend more time on the bench, and made sure that the starters always knew that everyone on the team was equal and that we were never to look down on

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