Importance Of Animals Essay

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One day you are seized away from your homeland, family, and friends, only to be forcibly situated on an entertainment imprisonment. Until one day your time of death is decided for you accordingly to the convenience of the state of matter but it’s okay because you’re just a defenseless living being that doesn’t speak the human language. Why is it a crime to kill another human but not an animal? Animals are living beings who feel,touch,see, and sense. Animals just like humans, too have feelings and emotions. It can be so evident that animals also have feelings because it is exhibited by simple observation of their external organism. Observing an animal’s body,eyes and even listening to them can display and reveal their emotions. As simple as …show more content…
Humans have been and are still in the present contributing in acting upon destroyance on what gives us our necessary resources to survive, nature. On the contrary and contrastingly, animals provide and balance out the ecosystem. Every animal has a significant role in the balancement of the ecosystem. Even the smallest animals and dangerous predators are important in the life cycle. Killing and taking the life of even one animal is nature’s duty to fulfill not the humans. Animals keep an ecosystem healthy, eating up all the carcasses and taking care of wastes that are harmful to our environment, which we depend on for our own beneficials. Taking the life of even one individual, which could’ve been a predator’s meal in contribution to the balancement of life, is like trading a quarter for five pennies- so meaningless. Humans have been factors and causes of extinction. Who says it can’t occur again or increase the chances of that extend of tragedy ? If we take animals’ lives for granted, not only will we not be able to benefit from their existence but we will endanger our …show more content…
However, despite the entertainment the amusement provides the audience with, the truth of the matter is that those who capture the animals have the power to take away their lives to the convenience of their business and they justify their actions with poor excuses such as “we need more space” or “it was necessary.” Now, in regard to “needing more space” in the first place, why even bring a new animal when there is no room and why not just release the animal back to the wild and let nature take its course to provide the earth? No harm is done and the life of the animal isn’t being wasted. If the answer to that is that the animal that is being replaced is unhealthy then surely the ones to blame are the ones who payed for its arrival and just how they had the money to buy it they should have the money to take care of its health problem. As soon as they took in the animal it became their responsibility and duty. Now , referring to “it was necessary” there are many occasions where we see on t.v and hear on social media that an animal is killed because it was “necessary in the moment” but animals are not to blame. Those taking wild animals from their natural habitat to transmogrify them into entertainers, are aware of the dangers they are risking. They are cautious of the probabilities of hazards that

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