Importance Of Animal Rights In Zoos

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Register to read the introduction… One issue that is common in animal rights discourse involves the use of animals in circuses and animal shows where the animals are forced to do such acts. For those who belong to the animal rights movement, and for all people who have a genuine concern for all animals, it is not good for humans to use animals in entertainment shows because such act is equivalent to exploitation. Respect and compassion should not be limited to human beings alone. Animals, like humans, have their own natural tendencies. They have their own natural environment where they were originally meant to live and thrive. Respecting the rights of animals includes leaving them in their natural environment where they can grow and enjoy being the animals that they are. For example, certain marine animals require an environment that is composed of salt water and a vast space for them to grow. However, the issue to be considered of is that if zoos want to create a perfect habitat environment for animals it would be costly, and thus many zoos in the world do not do so. And when the zoos do not meet the required standard, what would the animals in the zoos become? In some zoos, especially in my country, the cages are too small that it 's more of a cell rather than a place to stay. While visitors laughed and have fun looking at these animals and walking around the zoo, the animals remained bounded inside a cage, like accused criminals. In some zoos, the condition is worse. The cages might be spacious, the environment close to natural, but how do you think they are fed? Two bananas a day for a monkey; three maybe. Sometimes the zoo seems like a village that recently suffered a drought and the animals inside may be comparable to the refugees from a barren desert. In fact, animals suffered not only physical damage, but also mental problems. According to a report captive …show more content…
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