Essay On Working With Children

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The leading reason I want to work with young children is because I want to make children’s lives optimistic and make the world an improved place. When my daughter was starting school, all the way to fourth grade, I volunteered and found myself not only enjoying the time, but I felt like I made a difference. I would like to work with children from underprivileged circumstances, so Head Start would be absolutely ideal. Leandra, my daughter, has recently been a contributing factor to my choice and her parting leaves me with a void. I come from a family of educators who have many strong encouragements in the education field that have influenced my recent decision to enter the Early Childhood Education program as well.
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Combined, they have over 80 years of being respected educators. My dad opened three schools as a student coordinator/ guidance counselor with District 11 and is loved by a record amount of past students. My aunt is 80 years old and still substitutes on a steady basis. Not only them, but other educators in my family have praised how I have raised Leandra. I always encouraged her to love school and did my part as a parent to build binds with her teachers. I believe that working together is the best result for the child, being involved from when they are young pays off for when they are older. I am a strict believer in reading and using the imagination as much as possible. My daughter never had a bedtime, instead she had a time to go lay in bed and read. I always wanted her to read and love it as much as I do. My aunt has always bragged about how I making Leandra to read has made her a better student overall. My dad earned his master’s in education, so I was raised with a growth mindset, however I had a fixed mindset for many years. He and I struggled with my education, I dropped out, started working, and began a family. After he watched me over the years raise my daughter, he told me that through all the struggles of watching me make mistakes, watching raise my daughter has made him more proud of me than anything else I could have done. Both he and my aunt have told me individually that I was missing my mission of working with

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