Importance Of A Career In Early Childhood Education

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The leading reason I want to work with young children is because I want to make children’s lives optimistic and make the world an improved place. When my daughter was starting school, all the way to fourth grade, I volunteered and found myself not only enjoying the time, but I felt like I made a difference. I would like to work with children from underprivileged circumstances, so Head Start would be absolutely ideal. Leandra, my daughter, has recently been a contributing factor to my choice and her parting leaves me with a void. I come from a family of educators who have many strong encouragements in the education field that have influenced my recent decision to enter the Early Childhood Education program as well.
Whenever I thought of pursuing a career, I constantly knew I should work with children. I used to volunteer at Leandra’s schools from preschool up to fourth grade. When she was in first grade I assisted the teacher every day, I enjoyed how she motivated the students. I wanted to help every day so she could do more with the students and watch her teach. I enjoyed being in the classroom with Leandra, but there was more to it, I was comfortable. I also believe children do not see me as an adult, but a big kid, which makes me relatable. I can still remember
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I prepared myself to go into the nursing program, but changed my concentration when I registered for classes. I has an instinctive feeling to sign up for Early Childhood Education, but I have not decided on an exact emphasis thus far. I evaluated being happy and having a rewarding career compared to money stress. I obviously chose what my heart wanted and I will trust my instinct. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the chapters and discover myself exploring additional subjects after reading the assignment. I unquestionably feel this where I am supposed to be and I am more than pleased with my choice and what the future

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