Organizational Communication

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Nowadays, many companies seek for consultation and advice on how to create a good organizational communication as they aware of the value of communication in an organization. Communication is the cement that integrates the different departments of an organization (Marin L, 1997). A good leader should use communication as an important strategy to achieve the objectives of the company, to lead and motivate the staff, to resolve conflicts, to pass on instructions and decisions, and to evaluate subordinates (Lupu and Voicu, 2006). Only when an organization is fully aware of the principles of effective communication, they will able to attain their goals and enhance working performances.

There are several types of organizational communication.
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Rick Muncrief, the chief executive officer (CEO) of WPX Energy, a well-known oil and gas company in U.S., mentioned in an interview that “to be a good CEO, one must wear different hats. He has to be an effective communicator both internally and externally. He has to be more strategic and have to work closely with the investment community.” While to maintain good connections and relations with his staff, Rick Muncrief has his lunch with his staffs frequently. Next, James Trimble, the CEO of PDC Energy, U.S., said that it is okay to have very different personalities and styles. However, it must has common goals and vision to be shared among the internal employees, external shareholders and the residents of the communities in which a company operates. This means that even if we are different, it does not affects the collaboration between the employees, the communications with the outsiders as having mutual targets and aims and then work towards to achieve it matters. Following by the Dutch organizational theorist and consultant, C. Van Riel, he stated that communication in an organization is “an instrument of management by means of which all consciously used forms of internal and external communication are harmonized as effectively and efficiently as possible, so as to create a favorable basis for relationships with groups upon which the company is dependent”. Thus, an organization which good in both internal and external communication able to increase the productivity of the staff and form favorable working

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