Implications Of Halal Label

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The Effect of Halal Label, Halal Awareness and Brand Image on Consumer Intention to Buy
Abstract Halal Label is the writings or statements are halal on the product packaging that shows the status of products is halal. Halal awareness is the knowledge of the purpose and the benefits of consuming and using the halal product. Brand Image is a collection of associations that have been formed customer perception for certain brand. Intention to buy as the statement related to the mental condition which reflects the consumer plan to buy a brand at a certain time. The purpose of this research is to test how the influence of Halal Label, Halal Awareness and Brand Image on consumers intention to buy. This research used a quantitative approach and conducted
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There is a halal label will lead people to understand what should they consume and use. Therefore, the awareness of the Halal concept must be accompanied by the involvement and knowledge of the Muslims. In addition to the Halal awareness, consumer considerations influenced by the halal brand image that they will buy. A halal brand image is a collection of associations that formed and reflect the relationship as consumers remember the brand. Based on the explanation above, authors are interested in the theme of the research with the title of the effect of the Halal Label, Halal Awareness and brand image on consumer intention to buy (A case of Aromatherapy products with brand’s Fresh …show more content…
A brand is a label that matches and worthy to describe an object that is marketed. A well known and trusted brand is an invaluable asset. Other Brands have a role in company marketing. The brand also has a strategic role that it is important to be key differentiators between products offered a company with brands the rival.
The image as a number of these representations, perceptions, and beliefs a person has an object [8]. The Image of the brand associated with the attitude of belief, satisfaction, and preference for a brand. The Image of the brand is a name or symbol that is associated with the products or services and cause psychological meaning or association and formed from the information and experience of the brand. The brand image depending on the perception of a person if the brand is good or bad.There are three components of brand image:
1) Brand Association is the actions of the consumers to form the association based on their knowledge of the brand which is factual or sourced from the experience and emotions.
2) Brand value is the actions of consumers in selecting the brand due to their perception of the brand characteristics that are associated with the values that they believe.
3) Brand Positioning is the perception of the quality of a certain brand as consumer considerations in evaluating the alternative of the selected

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