Experiential Market Research

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After the analyses and discussions above, accordingly, certain research implications can be obtained which could be useful for experiential marketing researchers, social media researchers and e-business researchers. One implication is that this empirical research enriches the understanding of the relationship between customer experience and the perceived usefulness, perceived fulfillment and so forth for the online shopping within internal social platform, since it verified the significant impact of PF, PQ and PU, PP towards customer experience. There are prior researches like Dwyer (2007) and Shin (2010) appeal to more studies to add efforts in the relations between customer overall experience and its determinants, in the factors influencing …show more content…
It is acknowledged that one of top-priorities of e-business firms today is how to well manage the experiential market, that is, how to better serve customers with outstanding experience for their long-lasting loyalty and higher satisfaction. Initially, this study provides a view of a theoretical foundation for the practical managements in terms of offering an in-depth understanding of customer expectations about their electronic shopping processes. In this regard, market practitioners are more likely to enhance their work productivity through effective measures relating to the factors verified in our research. As suggested in our work, the perceived quality, usefulness, fulfillment and perceived profitability for the purchase within inbuilt SP have significant positive impacts in improving customer online experience based on the Alibaba case. Customer experience will be satisfying if the aspects like quality of services, products, usefulness of the website infrastructure are well managed by the practitioners. Hence, more fruitful outcomes can be gained by centering on these important points. Specifically, it shows that the inbuilt SPs allow consumers more easily and more channels to interact with firms or other customers by which many merits can be gained by both buyers and sellers. On one hand, buyers can get access to more information, helps, desirable services than before that make them feel happy, satisfied and valued. As such, their PU and PQ tend to be pleasant which leads to a good experience. so their rate of repurchase and recommendation would greatly increase. Meanwhile, the attribute of inherent SP support enables users to socialize on these platforms rather than the pure buy-sale relationship which gives them a sense of belonging, this is helpful for enhancing the customer stickiness. Customers shopping in this context would be easier to gain a good perception about the

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