Ebay: Most Used Online Shopping Website

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I. Abstract

EBay is the most used online shopping website because there is a wide range of items sold that is not available in a lot of others online shopping store.

II. Introduction

E-business is a way of making people lives easier to buy things which are not available in their country online and it is also a way for people to earn money. E-business is not an easy task which is why a lot of people fail at it as there are various problems they encounter. One example is how information security and quality of product hinder the development of e-business very much. The safety and personal information of the customer lies in hand of the business. Moreover, the product customer received may not be of a good quality and so they feel
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They fear their credit or debit card information may be exposed due to poor security or potential hackers.
Quality The pictures shown of the product may not be the same as the product they order from the online store.
Hidden costs Sometimes customer is charged more than what it is usually stated in the store.
Delay in receiving goods Sometimes, customer waited for months for a product they ordered.
Need access to internet Some people have no internet access to internet at home and in other rural areas or countries in
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In the following advantages, convenience means type in the product you are looking for into your favorite search engine and every option will appear in a well-organized list in a matter of seconds. Moreover, shopping online is time saving for everyone without driving to their store. Stores online offer their full line as well as use warehouses instead of store fronts so products are easy to locate and can be delivered to your door in just days. Besides that, items in eBay are quite easy to compare so customers can decide which items is more worth the price. When products are placed online, they come with all the specifics, and they want you to compare them with others, know they have the best options and come back for more. At the same time, it is also easy to find reviews in eBay because the competition is high, companies’ online want you to look at other consumer reviews. Good and bad reviews are on every site, not only can you see if the product is liked, you can also see the reasons behind the thumbs up or down. On the other hand, the disadvantages of eBay carry some risks as well. Firstly, privacy and security are without a doubt the most crucial part in any e-business. Before making instant transactions online, be sure to check the sites certificates of security. While it may be easy and convenient to shop, no one wants their personal information to be stolen. While many sites are reputable,

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