Amazon Efficiency Analysis

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The efficiency of Amazon

Efficiency is one of a number of important and vital factors for organizations or companies. How to became more and more efficient has become a widely discussed subject in international business (IB) during the past years. Besides, Electronic commerce(E-commerce) has made a great distribution to countries’annual incomes in the Europe. ( Eurostat 2013). A number of world famous leader companies, for example, Amazon, Ebay concentrate their attention on the E-commerce. At the same time, more and more brands have their own online website. It shows that E-commerce industry also has become a popular and primary consume way in this century. The purpose of this essay is to examine the efficiency of Amazon and discuss the
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According to , it involves in some advantages,including reduce budget, rise sales of products, create and help brands development, and build an efficient trade means. It is a reason why plenty of organizations and companies are willing to create online sales way to get benefits. Amazon is well-known online retailer, the first part of the efficiency will be addressed. First of all, products and service, which is the basic concern for customers, is the first step that help business operate. However, Amazon was an online book store, it only provided book in the website. People only can buy book from Amazon, if you want buy and other products you have to go another E-commerce website or make up and go to the supermarket or market. Besides, if there are a kind of goods too popular to buy, it makes customer very disappointed. These situations make an inefficient and time-consuming status of residents’lives. Nowadays, Amazon is providing a variety of products and service, including necessities of life; clothing, food, shelter and means of traveling.What’s more, this company has his own consumer electronics-Kindle e-book reader and other similar accessories(reference). It is a really convenient and efficient system for customers to consume online. However, Amazon cannot address the need of those customers who do not have access to Internet. …show more content…
Amazon has a lot of cooperated companies, such as Lacoste, Shelfari, Co mixology,Brilliance Audio, It is a good way to do business efficiently and accelerate companies’ developing. For example, Shelfari is a social cataloging tool which can provide a platform for users to create discussion and talk about books from Amazon. In my view, it is a really useful and fare way to discuss the book’s quality and make a decision buy or not. What’s more, it makes efficient and direct business between Amazon and customers because customers have enough space and time to evaluate a book whether have worth consume. Furthermore, though the third platform to access the result becomes more correct and reasonable, it will reduce the issue after sale and improve the success rate in business. On one hand, it can reduce opetating ways of one compay if they are not professional in some area. One the other hand, help companies to grow and develop. As a result, cooperative relationship is a pivot which plays an important role in the

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