Meg Whitman

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1. I think this is the new challenges and a big try to Meg Whitman. When she has joined in the company of eBay, she is the successful on the traditional company world in her life, operation a segment of a major toys maker. Before she joined the company of eBay, she is the one who make toys to all of the kids to make the kids in a happy mood. She saw a tiny internet company which is under the conventional. Meg Whitman makes eBay begin with a tiny internet company that similar with the garage sale. When eBay began, it is just a small online shop. After a few years, a lot of people know about eBay which is had some people are started to buy and sell items on eBay. Meg Whitman tries to make eBay to be more famous to get more customers to come over …show more content…
I have not been bought or sell anything on eBay but I have been bought cloths on another online shop. I felt that bought something on online is convenient. Nowadays technologies are very powerful so that we can shop on online. We can pay thought online payment to buy what we want. Some online shop may be cheat our money but eBay won’t be that. I can ensure that eBay won’t cheat our money it is because my cousins have been bought some clothes, jewelry and more. She is a coins and stamps collector, that’s why eBay are the most suitable online shop to her. On her experience, she told me that am a buyer must be found a seller that you can trust on. She told me that items on eBay that quality quite good as others. Another from that, I have a friends which is come from United States , he told me that he are the seller on eBay. He has managed his business on eBay to add on some pocket money. EBay are the biggest and responsible online shop. EBay can let us learn about how to be a seller. We must be in good faith while operate a business on eBay. I think that eBay can sell more items to increase the quantity of customer. EBay have discount and free gift, this is the best way to attract customer come over their website to shop and buy. EBay can teach us how to be a seller and a buyer. EBay can increase their item and take a look the feedback of customer and improve their customer service. Become a responsible and honest seller to serve customer better. EBay are able to let

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