Attorney General Kamala Harris

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The current elected official I have chosen is Attorney General Kamala Harris. I have chosen Mrs. Harris as my elected official because she stands for what I believe in and is a person of color such as myself. Mrs. Harris has had an extensive and fruitful career that includes a lot of firsts. Mrs. Harris is a very well educated women and based on her childhood you can see where she gets her intelligence from. Harris was born on October 20th 1964 in Oakland, Ca to Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a breast cancer specialist, who emigrated from India and Donald Harris Jamaican American who taught economics at Stanford. Harris also had one younger sister named Maya. Harris graduated from Howard University a historically black college and to Hastings …show more content…
Harris has received a lot of backlash for voicing her opinion on different topics and subject matters such as gun control, which she supports that guns should be banned and the death penalty which she supports. Despite these controversial issues, Harris has given a lot back to the community. Harris recalls growing that she remembers her parents taking her to protests at a young age in Berkeley, Ca and ever since there she has always taken an interest in civil rights and the rights of others. When she was working a District Attorney, Harris created a special division that focused on the hate crimes against teens but more specifically against LBGTQ teens. Harris as spoken positivity again same sex marriage and they have her fun support. With this special division she created she has received numerous awards for her support for gay and lesbian children and teens and a great deal of support from the community. Statistics say that LBGTQ teens have high rates of homelessness, which demanded that they have access to social shelters, the fight is still ongoing with this issue. Another resolution Harris had created and supported in the ‘Bureau of Children’s Justice which focuses on issues in the juvenile system in which she wants to see the children being rehabilitated in instead of reprimanded for their crimes, foster care system in which she wants to see children go to good homes, school truancy in which she would like to prevent more in more with the help the community and parents, and childhood trauma. Throughout her career Harris had fought hard to keep kids and school and to crack down the high statistics of truancy being committed by both the parents and the students. Harris claims that there is a high correlation on number of days missed from school and low test and homework scores and even goes on step further and says that more days a child has

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