Implementation Of Planning Leading And Controlling A Project Essay

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Chapter 1. Introduction and literature
The process of planning leading and controlling a project can affect many parties and likewise be affected by many. According to previous research, stakeholders have an important impact in projects success regardless of the industry thus they are important in construction sector. However the level of implication of stakeholders may vary from one geographic location to another. Among other growth challenges, some developing countries currently face dilemmas in construction industry associated with management of stakeholders. Under developed states or developing states have diverse stakeholders both internal and external, thus different approach should be used to identify, rank and prioritize the needs of stakeholders for the benefits of all members involved in construction ventures. The purpose of this study is to identify external stakeholders involved in construction projects undergone in developing economies before establishing an appropriate stakeholders mapping system suitable for regions of different needs.
1.1 Background of the study
The planning executing and controlling of a construction project can affect many parties and likewise be affected by many. Positive effects such as better infrastructures higher standards of living are effortlessly noticeable .Negative affects however are barely visible as they include different levels of deterioration not just observable on construction sites but also in distant surroundings. In this…

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