Imperial Rivalry In The Treaty Of Versailles

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Register to read the introduction… Germany was a strong country before the war.
In the Treaty of Versailles Germany was made into a weak country in many ways so that they could never be able to attack or have power in the future. They were to have no military, no land and no money.
In this treaty, Germany lost 10% of its land, 12% of its population, 16% of its coalfields and half its iron and steel industry. Germany had less land, fewer people, less taxes and less power. “This was also the case for the German empire, which was dismembered. Germany’s colonies were made ‘mandates’ of the League of Nations, but were looked after by France (Cameroons), Britain (Tanganyika), Japan (islands in the Pacific), Australia (New Guinea) and New Zealand (Samoa). In addition, Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria (Anschluss), which was designed to keep Germany weak.” (Wikipedia)
The treaty also restricted the military powers of Germany. They could only have 100,000 men in their army. They could not have airplanes or submarines and they could only have 6 battleships. They were left utterly
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WWII consisted of many events that increased tensions between the East and the West. The two main countries were the United States and the Soviet Union. The allies (the western powers) and the Soviet Union had an alliance during the second war. When the war ended the alliance began to get frayed at the edges. At the end of the war most of Europe was occupied by four countries. The United States and the Soviet Union had the most powerful military forces. The Cold War got its name because neither the United States nor the Soviet Union wanted to openly fight each other and they were afraid of each other’s power. Communism came to the Soviet Union in 1918. The United States didn’t trust the communist. Communism’s goal was to bring down capitalism in any way possible. When Stalin came into power in 1924, the US mistrusted him even more. During this time, Germany was in the process of building itself up. Stalin was concerned that Russia would be attacked and the US was concerned watching Hitler spread his rule. Stalin and the US created a brief alliance because they were both concerned with stopping

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