What Democracy Means To Me Essay

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What is democracy? Democracy to me means freedom. Freedom to pick and choose the lifestyle I want to lead in life. The freedom to be able to follow any religion I please and marry whoever I choose. Also the freedom to own property and choose where to live. Democracy to me also means I get to elect my own officials and I have a vote to choose who leads this great country for the next four years. Some countries are run by a dictatorship where you have no right and no votes. You are forced to live with the laws they pick and choose. Some cultures do not allow you to marry whoever you choose, no instead they are chosen for you. A lot of Americans these days really don 't really know how great we have it here in this amazing country. In communist …show more content…
Americans today trash talk the government all the time saying how flawed it is or unfair. I bet they 'd change their outlooks really fast if they had to live in a communist run government. Democracy run governments also have fair trials of the law, where the defendant may plead his case and defend himself. “You are innocent until proven guilty.” In communist run governments the defendant is just guilty, they really get no trial at all. Democracy is even so great that after you elect your leader of the country, if he doesn 't work out then he can be impeached. The list goes on and on but to summarize what democracy means to me in one word, its freedom.
With all that being said I do believe that our freedoms in America have declined over the years rather than expanded. Not enough to classify America’s government similar to a communist government that’s for sure. Personally I think Obama care is a reason behind the decline of our great nation’s freedoms. It has stopped competition for health insurances therefore creating a “drag-on” job creation and full time employment. In Bob Adelmann’s article titled “Tracking Freedom’s Decline in America”, he brings up many valid points to prove that America’s freedoms are dwindling. For example, Adelmann says “The Fifth Annual report from the Fraser Institute, “The Human Freedom Index” published last month shows the U.S. falling from 17th place worldwide to 20th in the areas of personal, civil, and economic freedom.” Dropping

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