Alcohol Consumption: Negative Side Effects Of Impaired Driving

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Impaired driving remains a significant road safety, health and economic issue in Canada. In the 70s and 80s significant progress was made in reducing the numbers of drivers on the roads who had been drinking. However, in the mid-90s, there has not been much progress made in reducing the destruction on our roads. This paper will discuss how alcohol has negative side effects on the drinkers, leads overall to terrible events because the people are in a weak state of both mind and body and it’s negative effect on others. Alcohol consumption will also be looked at from a legal perspective and its costs, and what is being done to decrease this problem.

Alcohol consumption affects various people in different ways. When consuming alcohol, many people tend to realize that they should not drive under the influence. However, some choose to drive anyways. Due to the alcohol that people consume, they begin to lack proper judgment and reasoning and may make a bad choice and get behind the wheel of their car. “An example would be the designated driver who is cajoled into having just a few drinks. When it is time to leave the party or bar, the designated driver has ingested less alcohol than the others, so they end up driving drunk. The causes and effects of drinking and driving are staggering. Poor coordination, disorientation, blackouts, slurred speech, poor self-esteem and double vision are just the short-term effects of alcohol abuse” A negative affects of alcohol on brain chronic alcohol consumption can have both subtle as well as dramatic effects on the brain and its functioning. The effects of alcohol on the brain can occur by both direct and indirect means. Thus, it is not
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Such as 2007 holiday’s period alone 23 people have been

killed on the roads. That’s compared with 18 who were killed during the

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