Drinking And Driving Advertisement Analysis

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My contemporary message is for others to not drink and drive. Alcohol has many disadvantages on our brains including weakening the activities of the mind, harming our thinking, cognitive abilities, and muscle coordination. All these capabilities are vital for driving a vehicle safely. Thus, operating a car after being drunk causes severe problems including death. Even you can get imprisoned if you are caught to be driving while intoxicated. It continues, and we hear about many incidents throughout the United States (J., 2017). In every single State, it is prohibited to drive with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or more. Unfortunately, still, the drunk driving crashes were observed in 2016 (J., 2017). And this is how I lost a cousin.
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It's a usual Saturday, the family is watching television, and a small cartoon pops up on it. The advert was having a loud, initial music, taped laughter and the animated characters loving a Christmas Party. The characters get direct to the point that drinking and driving are unsafe (Westcott, 2014). An ad presents a troop of persons leaving a pub. After few moments, it shows that a woman is being stretchered into an ambulance and the usually joyful melody follows a frightening tone (Westcott, 2014). Another d was on aired about Kathy and Dave. Kathy was a blonde-haired kid, whose father had murdered a boy due to drunk driving. The motto was: Drinking and Driving Destructs Lives. Dave is a young guy who has brain injury due to an accident. He is surviving only due to blended food (Westcott, 2014). Another ad was to inform people that driving after being drunk is dangerous and it should be avoided. It warns that if a man is driving when he is drunk, other people should not let him drive. In the …show more content…
“Audiences interpret communication symbols unceasingly. Genuine communication occurs when both parties agree on the meaning and significance of the symbols they are exchanging. Because of technology, information overload seems to be a constant modern complaint. Some may try to select the most important messages and ignore others” (Locker, 2006). With that being said, I would try to have the messages convey to those in high school and older since drinking’s issue starts way before the legal age. I would use the billboards to convey quick pictures of showing people to not drink. I would use social media ads to pop up to send a reminder to not drink and drive. This could also take them to a website for more information about how it could affect people. I would try to make a point, but not make it too graphic that someone would sue me and have a fiasco like everything else has in the

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